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Moving to another country is a dream for many people, but once you’ve bought a property and settled in, the chances are that you will need some form of income, unless you are receiving a pension or you’re independently wealthy.



How to create income as an expat

We’ve put together 10 ways to create income as an expat:

1. Teach English

This is one of the surest ways to make money, especially if you’re in a country where young people and business employees need to improve their English. There are multiple opportunities and acquiring the qualifications needed to teach English is relatively inexpensive and courses are short. International House is highly regarded for its CELTA certificates that are accepted worldwide.

2. Get into tourism

Starting a business that is tourist related is another option. One that caters to specific groups are often most successful, whether it is an Irish bar or a naturist B&B. Study the market and look for the gaps.

3. Import & Export

Is there a product that you could sell to your native country, or something from home that you could bring to your new abode? Again, research will guide you.

4. A transportation business

You could become an Uber driver, and this company is expanding in Spain for example. Or start a private airport collection and drop-off service. Many visitors are looking for drivers who speak their language.

5. Can you cook or bake?

Cake making, especially if you can produce special occasion confections, is one idea. Anyone with chef experience will probably find a position quite easily and there are shops serving the expat community who might sell your homemade pies, scones or cupcakes.

6. Drop ship online

By using sites like Amazon or Etsy you can create a business where the products are shipped directly to the customer without you having to bother about that aspect of it.

7. Freelance for a local business

Could you do photography for a real estate company, could you teach yoga at a hotel, or be a local tour guide? There is a multitude of possibilities.

8. Translate

You don’t need to be an ‘official’ translator to help local restaurants and bars translate their menus. Marketing flyers and tourist materials, plus websites are other examples where the language might need a bit of a polish.

9. Start your own business

Do you love animals? You could become a dog walker or provide accommodation for other people’s dogs when they are on holiday. Cleaning, painting, and all those other household tasks are other options, as other expats often feel more comfortable with a person who speaks their language.

10. Private tutor

If you’re in an area where there are international schools and you have a relevant subject degree, or a teaching qualification, there is always a demand for private tutors for all age groups.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for expats to generate an income in a new country, so don’t let any fears that you won’t have a way to make money stop you from making a move overseas.

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